Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Extra Shiny Optima EX Luxury

I gave the Optima a second coating of EX-P Sealant yesterday, absolutely nothing sticks to the paint, it just kind of sits on top of it.  Water beads off like you wouldn't believe and it's really weird but dirt actually sits on top of the paint rather than settling into it.  You can just wipe away dirt with a dry cloth.

Interesting story of the day.... I was picking up some mulch at Canadian Tire and an older gentleman walked up to me and told me how nice my car looked.... what he said was it is easily as nice looking (elegant he said) as a car three times as expensive like a Jaguar.  I told him I agree totally, and thanked him for the compliment.  I think it was the second coat of EX-P that did the trick!


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