Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bridgestone Blizzaks - Winter Tires Day 1

Last night I had my winter tires put on, I know it's early but we are going on vacation next week and could very well come back to 25 cm of snow. It's better to be safe than sorry, and with my factory tires I would be VERY sorry if we had snow.

As expected the Costco car guys loved the Optima.  The cashier said how he had a Forte and loved it as well but my car was beautiful.  He mentioned how he had a dog and the salesguy told him that he was covered for any damage the dog did to the material in the car, I didn't have the heart to tell him he probably paid $500 or more for that without even knowing it.  He seemed happy enough about it all so that's all that counts, not everyone is as hard to get along with as I am.

I find the Blizzaks great for driving, they stick to the road and soak up the bumps far better than my original tires.  They look good too in my opinion, I am glad I never went with the black steelie rims and smaller tires.  Once my factory summer tires are toast, which will probably take about one more year, I am really looking forward to getting some good rubber on this car.  

I dropped back to Costco for the recommended re-torque today, a guy popped out and did it in five minutes and I was on my way again.  Can't wait to see how they work in the snow, that's probably not too far down the road.....

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