Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kia - Website and Oil Changes

Price Your Kia Vehicle

I was in for oil change #2 today, which as I noted previously is overpriced at $59.99 + tax.  It does include hinge lubrication, checks all major components except brakes and tops up fluids..... but still over priced.  I skipped recommended tire rotation of course because I have the new Costco Blizzaks on the way.  I got a call and they are in now so I will be getting those tomorrow and let you all know how they are.

Anyway, after I helped myself to two cups of coffee and a few timbits I went over to use one of their handy Internet stations (they have 4 now) and checked out the Kia website among other things.  They have really improved their online calculator which can be found here:


Much better than before, next thing you know they will enter the 20th century and salespeople will have car pricing available in their offices..... we'll see.

So after waiting about 45 minutes my car was done. I noticed I only have 5mm remaining on each of my front tires and 7mm on the back, not great after one year of use, maybe I can squeeze 3 years out of them but it will be cutting it close.  I've got to say I booked this appointment on two days notice and was in and out in less than an hour, that's good service.  I really don't have a major issue with paying the $59.99 + tax.  (That they also add shop supplies to and comes to $74 in total)

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