Thursday, October 4, 2012

So you want a new car for $10,000???

Check out the above video article from the Globe and Mail.  Apparently the best way to produce inexpensive automobiles is to save on R&D costs.  That means less on design, less on testing, less on working out the bugs, less on making sure the vehicle you are driving does not have catastrophic brake failure or combust unexpectedly.

What probably happens is that instead of 1 in a million drivers being injured or killed via vehicle design flaw, you get maybe 4 or 5 in a million.  I have no idea what the actual numbers are but you get the idea.  So for the price of potential injury or car flaw you get to save thousands on sticker price.  That would probably be frowned upon in North America but I think a lot of people would go for it.  Here is this totally acceptable car for China, cheap as dirt, just slightly more unreliable than main stream automobiles..... for 50% less than cars made here.  Government regulations would probably not let them be sold but it would be interesting to see what the consumer would do.....

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